This work captures the moments of my life that defined my emotional and political response to growing up in apartheid South Africa. It also reflects on the border crises I’ve grappled with both personally and globally. Lines of control, borders arbitrarily drawn that determine where people, play, work and die.

Mark making and ink washes are used to encapsulate the paradoxical nature of borders. Even when borders are erased, traces of them remain and people may still not be free.

These abstracted maps are evocative of both the bright spots in the country and the dark ones: explosions, barred entry and fragmentation. One of the drawings suggests “kites flying in an oil spill”, hope and fear.

I use wax and water, mediums that create their own tension, layered and repellent. I use nail polish to symbolize my post-colonial upbringing, which has left me with the desire to make things pretty and cover up the ugliness underneath.